Gina's Art Prize 11 entry is near the main door at Sundance Grill & Bar in Downtown GR.

Gina's Artist Statement for "Little by slow (or yavaş yavaş)"

Little by slow (or yavaş yavaş) has deep meaning for me, as it reflects my recovery journey. I am in recovery from an eating disorder, and I take things one day at a time, little by slow, yavaş yavaş. Yavaş yavaş is one of my favorite Turkish phrasesit means gradually, bit by bit, gentle (as in flowing water).

I lived in Turkey for a season in my twenties, and one of the things that has always impacted me about Turkish culture is the beautiful interdependence and care for fellow humans. There is a saying in Turkey, bir fincan acı kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı vardır, which literally translates ‘a cup of bitter coffee has a memory of forty years.’ You can share a simple cup of coffee with a stranger and make a lifelong friend.